Home County Rentals Privacy Policy

At Home County Rentals we respect and place high importance on the issue of privacy.

Personal data:-

We will only ever request such personal details as required to carry out our tenant or landlord services with efficiency. We will not share information with any third party other than to a legal entity requiring information by law and for legitimate reasons.


By filling in any of the forms on this website and submitting your details, you imply consent to our using such details only for the reasons and in such a way, as described under the terms of this very policy.


All details are kept in private and secure internal files.

Third Party Websites:-

Home County Rentals cannot be responsible for the privacy of information requested on any other website. Please note that if you access another website via links on the Home County Rentals site, we recommend that you assure yourself of the privacy policy pertinent to that site.


Cookies are automatic files that are stored in your computer every time you access a website. Their purpose in principal is to allow your computer to display all the content of the website with greater ease and speed next time you access the same website. Our website in turn makes use of the cookies stored on your website but only for the purpose of tracking how many times our site has been accessed. The results are merely statistical and do not involve access to or saving of any personal data.


Home County Rentals reserve the right to amend the privacy policy at any time and in such event will clearly update the content of this page.